I would like to invite everyone in our church to be a part of a special journey in the new year. Together as a church we have read through the Gospel of John. I believe many found this to be a powerful experience as we read and studied together.  I would like to see us take a larger step into the whole Bible. Many of our members begin reading through the Bible again every January. I would like to encourage everyone to do this together so we can study and discuss both in worship and in our Sunday school classes and small groups in the new year. What better was is there for us to accomplish our vision of being of ONE love, ONE mind, and ONE purpose in Christ than to have the Mind of Christ by reading His word together? I would like to provide each family with a copy of The Story that we can begin using in January. This is a chronological reading of the Scripture. We have a reading plan to take us through the whole Bible in 31 weeks (with a few additional weeks where we will pause to celebrate special Sundays). This is something every age group can do.



The reading plan is very simple - read one chapter of The Story each week. Adult, youth, and children's Bibles all cover the same story and emphasis in the week's chapter. We will read Chapter One the first week of January and discuss it in worship and Sunday School on Sunday, January 6th. We will continue reading one chapter a week through August 25th. We will pause from our chronological reading to observe Palm Sunday (4/14), Easter (4/21), and Pentecost Sundays (6/9). 



Each family will need one copy of The Story (chronological Bible) for each age group in your home. Youth and children have a different version than the adults. All of these are available in the fellowship hall for you to take with you on Sundays or when the church office is open.


I am looking forward to an exciting time of sharing together in God's Word as all our ages and groups pray and study over God's message to us as ONE!


In the Love of the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us,